General Informations

   Our department was founded in 1986 by Prof.Dr. Ismet KAN.  Currently M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs are available in our departments. In addition to these programs Statistical Consulting is also being supported. We have two kinds of laboratories: Researcher Statistical Analysis (RSA) Laboratory is being used by the researchers who need statistical consulting during the thesis or publication studies. Student Laboratory is used by the students.

 Some special topics  our academic staff interests are; determining sample size in clinical trials, cluster analysis, logistic regression, neural networks, discriminant analysis, statistical shape analysis, growth curves and allometry, reliability and validity analysis, power analysis, experimental design.

Statistical Consulting

   In our department, we support statistical consulting for the researchers. Consult topics are:  determining sample size , choosing the experimental design, collecting datas, interpreting statistical analysis and the results.


Researchers Statistical Analysis Laboratory

Researchers have to get an appointment from the biostatisticians for using this laboratory and getting a statistical consulting during their these or publication study.

                   RSA Laboratory I                                                                                                                              RSA Laboratory II

Students Laboratory

  Students may also use this laboratory when there is no class.

Staff Participated in Our Department in the Past

Dr.Fatma Ezgi CAN (2020)
Assist.Prof.Dr. Bulent EDIZ (2017)
Dr. Sengul CANGUR (2012)
M.Sc. Cagatay BUYUKUYSAL (2011)
Prof.Dr. Ismet KAN (2010)
Dr. Semra AKGOZ (2007)
M.Sc. Emine Ozgur BAYMAN (2003)