Prof. Dr.  Deniz SIGIRLI



B .Sc.:

 Statistics, Anadolu University, (2003)


 Biostatistics, Uludag University, (2006)


 Biostatistics, Uludag University, (2011 )
Statistical & Methodological Publications
Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Publications
Directed Thesis
Statistical & Methodological Publications
Ahmadian R, Ercan ISIGIRLI D, Yildiz A
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Collaborative & Interdisciplinary Publications
Buyukkoyuncu Pekel N, Yildiz D, Taymur I, Budak E, Ozmen S, Capkur C, Seferoglu M, Gunes A, SIGIRLI D.
Between Olfactory Impairment and Cognitive Functions in Patients with Parkinson Disease.
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Kiyici S, Guclu M, Budak F, SIGIRLI D, Tuncel E.
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Metab Syndr Relat Disord. 2019 Apr;17(3):167-172.

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