Directed Thesis

Guven OZKAYA, (Ph.D. Thesis-2011) Comparison of multiple comparison tests according to number of groups and subjects (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Ozkaya G, ERCAN I.
Examining Multiple Comparison Procedures According to Error Rate, Power Type, and False Discovery Rate
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 2012;11(2):348-60.

Gokhan OCAKOGLU, (Ph.D. Thesis-2011) Comparison of two sample tests in statistical shape analysis (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Ocakoglu G, ERCAN I
Type I error rate for two-sample tests in statistical shape analysis.
Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, 2014; 41(3): 141-152

Ocakoglu G, ERCAN I
Traditional and modern morphometrics
Türkiye Klinikleri Journal of Biostatistics 2013;5(1):37-41.

Deniz SIGIRLI, (Ph.D. Thesis-2011) Examining growth and allometry in statistical shape analysis with linear and non linear models (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Sigirli D, ERCAN I
Examining the efficiency of models using tangent coordinates or principal component scores in allometry studies.
Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences.(2015) 7:3: 249-256

Sigirli D, ERCAN I
Examining Growth with Statistical Shape Analysis and Comparison of Growth Models
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods 2012; 11(2):479-92.

Sigirli D, ERCAN I
Growth and Allometry in Modern Morphometrics
Türkiye Klinikleri Journal of Biostatistics 2013;5(1):42-8.

Sengul CANGUR, (Ph.D. Thesis-2012) Comparison of model fit indices used in structural equation modeling (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Cangur S, ERCAN I
Comparison of Model Fit Indices Used in Structural Equation Modeling Under Multivariate Normality
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, May 2015, Vol. 14, No. 1, 152-167.

Pınar GUNEL KARADENİZ, (Ph.D. Thesis-2015) Examining tests for comparing of survival curves with right censored data (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Gunel Karadeniz P, ERCAN I
Examining tests for comparing of survival curves with right censored data
Statistics in Transition - new series

Gunel Karadeniz P, ERCAN I

On Comparing Survival Curves with Right-Censored Data According to the Events Occur at the Beginning, in the Middle and at the End of Study Period

International Journal of Statistics in Medical Research, 2018, 7(4):117-128

Sema ATIS (M.Sc. Thesis-2015) Analysis of microarray gene expression data in breast cancer (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Kuyuk Atis S, ERCAN I.
Commonly used statistical methods for detecting differential gene expression in microarray experiments.
Biostatistics and Epidemiology International Journal, 2017, 1(1):1-8.

Musa Bashir ALBISHIR (M.Sc. Thesis-2016) Comparison of capture recapture methods and estimation of disability prevelance (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Albishir MB, ERCAN I.
Assessment and Comparison of Two Source Capture Recapture Methods Performance.
Turkiye Klinikleri Journal Biostatistics 2018;10(2):114-22

Albishir MB, ERCAN I, Alpu O, Tanridiler A, Can FE.
Prevalence of Nuclear and Extended Family with At Least One Disable Individual in Turkey.
Turkiye Klinikleri Journal of Medical Sciences 2018;38(3):248-56 

Mehmet Onur KAYA (Ph.D. Thesis – 2017) Comparison of the mantel haenszel and peto methods used in combining odds ratio (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

A Comparison of the Mantel Haenszel and Peto Methods Used in Meta-Analysis.
Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods (Accepted)

Ezel Ozge TAS (M.Sc. Thesis-2017) Evaluating the effect of polysomia 17 in breast cancer patients with meta analysis (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Tas EO, Pala EERCAN I, Sag S
IInvestigating The Impact of Polysomy 17 in Breast Cancer Patients With HER2 Amplification Through Meta-Analysis
Turkish Journal of Biochemistry (Accepted)

Tas EO, Sag S. ERCAN I
Investigating the Impact Of Polysomy 17 In Breast Cancer Patients Without Amplification Through Meta-Analysis
International Journal Of Hematology And Oncology 2018; 28(2):95-103

Ender UZABACI (Ph.D. Thesis –2017) Evaluation of outlier detection methods performance in symmetric multivariate distributions (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Uzabaci E, ERCAN I, Alpu O. 
Evaluation of Outlier Detection Method Performance in Symmetric Multivariate Distributions
Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation  DOI: 10.1080/03610918.2018.1487068

Ozlem TOLUK (M.Sc. Thesis –2019) Evaluation of Infection Diseases by Years with Statistical Process Control (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Ibrahim SAHIN (M.Sc. Thesis –2019) Hypothyroidism Diagnosed Cases Using Big Data Analysis with k-Means Clustering Method (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Ongoing Thesis

Fatma Ezgi CAN (Ph.D. Thesis –Continuing) Comparisons of Methods Used in Missing Landmark Estimation (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Robab AHMADIAN (Ph.D. Thesis –Continuing) Evaluation of Methods for Asking Sensitive Questions (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Fisun KAŞKIR KESKİN (Ph.D. Thesis –Continuing) Comparison of Bias Methods in Meta Analysis (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)

Ayşegül YABACI (Ph.D. Thesis –Continuing) Comparison of Effect Size Methods (U.U. Health Sci. Inst.)